Community Building

WhaT can this do for your business?

Have you ever wanted to grow your following on twitter or instagram? Doing it yourself can be tedious and slow – and you don’t just want a big following. Instead, you want an engaged community of real people to speak to.

Our Community Building service does just that. We work with you to pinpoint your target audience and based on this research, we grow your following on your behalf using a programme that we built exclusively for our clients. We do not buy followers. Your followers will be real, active and engaged users who are interested in your product!

How do we do this?

1. We create three ‘personas’ that match your target demographic.

2. Our API connects to twitter and instagram, scanning all the existing accounts and looking for profiles that match one of the three personas. It produces a large list of people within your target demographic.

3. An automated system interacts with the targeted community and alerts them to your brand.

What you get:

- A growth of up to 1,000 followers per month

- A monthly follower growth report

What we have done for our clients

In the last 12 months - through twitter alone - we have reached over 88 million people on behalf of our clients. That is more than the population of Spain and twice that of Australia!


Alternatively we would love to talk about your plans.

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