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4 Ways to Monitor Your Brand on Twitter

4 Ways to Monitor Your Brand on Twitter

Even when actively monitoring Twitter for brand mentions, there may be some that slip through the net. You may miss someone completely fangirling over your second hand celebrity footwear store. This post will show you what you need to do to ensure than you no longer miss any mention of Rihanna’s runners, Madonna’s moccasins or Beyonce’s boots.

1. Monitoring your brand mentions

This is a must, when monitoring your mentions it is important that you have both a strategy and the resources to be able to respond to the mentions, not just monitor them. Industry experts’ studies show that brands get an average of 39 mentions per day…

Do you know how many you get per day? Surely hundreds. I can only imagine that everyone is asking where they can pick up a dress shoe once worn by Maya Angelou.

Use a tool that can give you that data or create your own way of measuring how many mentions you get per day, week or month. If possible, go one step further and try to track what types of mention they are: Positive, negative, a link, a request for support, general customer service, questions, etc. You can be right there to answer any query Bridgette from Venezuela may have over Hasslehoff’s high heels.

Recognising how many mentions your brand gets will allow you to evaluate if you can handle the flow or if you need to grow your team/resources.


2. Mentions without the @

You are probably unaware of the fact that, according to SocialMouths recent study, 30.72% of all mentions actually fail to include the @ handle. This means it’s very easy to completely miss the mention as you won’t be notified when the tweet is posted. An easy solution to this is to monitor important keywords and any variations in the brand name, as opposed to just reading your mentions, Twitter has a very handy search bar, make the most of it. Like this tweet from Colin from Ireland.


The Facts of Life Clooney’s clogs. Like George, get better with age.

The Facts of Life

3.Conversations around the brand

Not all tweets mentioning the name of the brand are directed at the brand itself. According to Mention, only 9.16% of these tweets start with the @. These are conversations happening around the brand, not tweets directed at the brand itself. When monitoring your brand on Twitter you should be monitoring any tweet that mentions the brand, regardless of whether it is indirectly or in a conversation around the brand, not directly about it. These conversations are a great opportunity to jump in and generate some positive interaction. If a tweet isn’t directed at a brand, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be addressed. If you hear someone sitting beside you on the bus compliment your hair, you don’t need to turn around and acknowledge it. Just be happy you have great hair. By the way, what conditioner do you use? It looks so full of volume.


4.Negative mentions rarely spread

A common misconception is that negative feedback online is quick to spread and has disastrous consequences for a brand. This couldn’t be further from the truth, approximately 60% of tweets mentioning brands don’t even get retweeted. This doesn’t mean you have to ignore them, it just means you can put the emphasis on having a meaningful, one-on-one conversation with the person concerned and even turn it around by responding quickly and professionally. Just bare in mind, when dealing with negativity, it’s not the end of the world and it is very easy to make the best out of a bad situation on Social Media.

You can easily solve Michelle’s instagram complaint about Schweirzeneger’s Stilletto’s. They were never going to fit you, Michelle. Look at the size of Arnold. He is hardly a size 6.

If the shoe fits…..

Does your business need help on twitter? We are the twitterati! Get in touch! and let’s grow your brand!

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