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Jurys Inn

Jurys Inn – Market Dominance SEO



Jurys Inn is one of the UK’s leading hotel groups. They wanted to increase their brand awareness through online search.

The key objective was to increase the number of locations they have across the UK and to strengthen their brand presence.


Using an in depth audit of Jurys Inn’s long-tail search position against their online competition, we were able to create key narratives in order to dominate the long-tail search results.

We based the concepts around celebrating regions throughout the year for their tourist appeal. We developed a series of interactive pieces of content around the following subjects:
– Route 57 (a driving tour of the UK)
– The Hunted Isles
– Sherwood Forrest (a historical map)


We produced a hand illustrated map of Sherwood Forrest, which won The Robin Hood Award and took the local press by a storm.

All of the pieces of content were developed to be highly shareable, whether on affiliate news sources, social streams or blogs and forums. Increased interaction, link sharing and link building had a significant impact search rankings.

These campaigns received 185 pieces of press coverage, they received 469,000 visits, 6,200 social shares and were covered on the radio to 78,000 listeners. The video content was also viewed 8,200 times.

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