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Christian Aid - Market Dominance SEO

Christian Aid – Market Dominance SEO



Christian Aid is a UK charity that works globally to fight poverty.

They wanted to increase awareness of the concept of effective altruism. Given that so many people show generosity through charitable donations, their aim was to illustrate the real difference that money can make if spent on the right solutions.


Through an analysis of long tail search results, we found a gap in the market for Christian Aid to fit in nicely and where they could make a genuine impact on charitable giving. We determined that they could benefit from SEO optimisation in this area.

In order to place Christian Aid in to this gap, we created a piece of content utilising the key searches from our SEO research to push these searchers through to their site.


We created an interactive, animated and illustrated guide on maximising your charity. The guide takes the visitor on a journey through the pros and cons of giving in different ways and demonstrates how effective it can be to choose the right cause.

The content was developed to ensure maximum shareability. The more the page was shared across news sources, blogs, forums and social media platforms, the more powerful the search ranking results became.

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