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Fairness Rocks is a legal campaign that aims to end the exploitation of creators and artists by the rights-owning corporations. The Fairness Rocks team came to us to create a website to tell the story of their current case, in the hope that it will be useful for other artists and creators.

This particular case was launched by Harry Shearer, one of the creators of the ‘This is Spinal Tap’ soundtrack released alongside the 1984 hit film ‘Spinal Tap.’ Shockingly, the creators of this soundtrack made only $98 for the music rights and $81 for merchandise (to be split between the creators).

The Fairness Rocks team wanted a website that could act as a platform for releasing information on the case, updated news content and a place where they could provide advice to other artists in similar situations. They needed full branding for the case, the site needed to hold multiple layers of information and it needed to be built in a short time period.


Under tight time constraints, we developed the branding and website under the radar of the media giant (and the defendant in this law suit), Vivendi.

The site was built to ensure that as you delve deeper in to the site, you gain a fuller understanding of the case and its history. We built the site on a WordPress backend to allow the team to continue to upload news content and case information as it became available. It is fully mobile optimised and search engine optimised to ensure that the interested parties can find and use the site easily.


The site supported a huge influx of visitors at the launch of the lawsuit. A great number of major news publications picked up on the story and utilised the information on the site to develop in-depth stories. The site received over 10,000 visitors in it’s first 3 months. It was fully responsive at launch, search engine optimised and included integrated social media streams and shareability.


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