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Wasn’t Avatar awesome?

Wasn’t Avatar awesome? Let’s make a website like that….except without the war and death and stuff….(3D Website Design)

“A 3D website? What are you smoking!?” – I hear you cry. The idea of a website being completely 3D is alien to a large majority of people. Despite that, we believe it will become increasingly common over the next couple of years. 3D website design has been made possible by WebGL, a 3D Graphics library built into the browser which allows JavaScript programs to render 3D content within any supported browser without the use of plug-ins. Doesn’t that sound basic? It’s not rocket science. It’s brain surgery, stupid!

3D Websites will revolutionise the way people see the web. They bring a whole new dimension to the world of web design. People can feel like they are more in tune with the website. This is done by implementing features that allow you to interact with the website. The behaviour of the website that’s being viewed will be determined by user behaviour and not the developer. Crazy cool, eh? Imagine watching keyboard cat in 3D!

They are now capable of behaving more like video games, in the sense that the way they move around/function can depend on how the user behaves. The decisions you make can have an effect on what you see on the screen. This can, of course, be done on 2D websites but with the websites now being 3D, the experience will feel much more realistic and be an enjoyable experience for the user. This new type of design is excellent at keeping people engaged with your website and encouraging them to stay online for longer; if there are several different avenues to explore on the website the person is likely to stay and explore. In Miley Cyrus’s next video, we will have to dodge the wrecking ball. Hours of fun. The 3D design, paired with the user interaction features, will encourage whoever’s browsing to engage with the website. This means you will be getting more traffic, for longer and the user will be enjoying their experience. You have a brilliant website and your customer is having the time of his life on your website. They have so much fun that they stay up late, leading them to sleep in and being late for work. They may get fired but that is not your fault. You cannot be help responsible for your incredible 3D website.

Despite our newly unemployed friend, this gives us good reason to believe that 3D design is a positive addition to the world of website design for designers, users and the people hosting websites. It will provide a more enjoyable and engaging experience for users in a way that hasn’t been done before with 2D websites. Maybe insist that users set an alarm?

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