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Leveraging the Holiday Selfie

Leveraging the Holiday Selfie (The Advantages of Social Media for Travel)

Passport. Check. Flight tickets. Check. Smart phone fully charged for the first selfie of the holiday. Check, check and check. So, you work in the travel industry. You are posting cat memes on a Friday and pictures of your 5th birthday party on a Thursday. All the boxes are ticked, why aren’t you getting sales? We all know that social media is a very powerful tool when used effectively. It can give a brand access to millions of people worldwide that couldn’t be accessed otherwise. For travel companies, It is a great opportunity to share content to an interested and ready to engage audience. Pictures of luxurious hotels and holiday locations are very popular on social media; who doesn’t enjoy seeing photos of sunny beaches whilst scrolling down their feed? Scrolling through your feed and seeing Samantha drinking a Mai Tai may trigger that powerful emotion of, “I need a holiday”. It also may trigger feelings of bitterness and jealousy but lets revisit that in a different blog.

When content is managed correctly, the engagement is set to be higher than that of other industries. You can build an active and engaging audience that have a genuine interest in the travel industry and use various social media platforms to provide information about the brand in small, digestible chunks that people can share and engage with. You can brand your efforts by keeping track of positive engagement/conversations around travel, using them to provoke more interest in your travel service. In turn, building and maintaining a good company image.

You are able to monitor conversations based around the brand and use these conversations, paired with engagement analytics, to alter your content and make sure you are maximising your social potential. In addition to monitoring the conversations, you can join in, build up relationships with travel enthusiasts and engage with them on a regular basis. Upon building a good relationship with various travel enthusiasts that regularly converse about the industry, you can then go one step further. Don’t just join in on the conversations, make them. Start conversations that are relevant to the travel industry and welcome others to engage. This will create a buzz around your brand and allow you to manage the conversation in a way that suits you. Your fans and followers now trust your brand and enjoy your content. They are ready to purchase. Grab your Mai Tai, your phone and meet me on the beach. We will show Samantha a thing or two…..


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