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The Social Clown (Humour & Social Media)

The Social Clown (Humour & Social Media)

Roll up. Roll up! It is time for this weeks CHC Blog. You must be so excited. You can purchase refreshments at the interval and please do not feed any of the animals. This week, we are looking at “The Social Clown”. Is humour via Social Media an effective way to tap into your ‘target market’ & get an edge over your competitors? It is a social space so an informal approach is always welcome but should YOUR brand be encouraged to be humorous on social media?

If you wanted to find a well known brand that doesn’t actively use Social Media, you’d have a job on your hands; most of the brands we know and love have recognised the power of Social Media and its convenience. If you’re unhappy with a product you’ve purchased from a well known retailer, what do you do? Tweet them. It is a welcome release of tension to approach a complaint with some comedy. It shows that you are acknowledging the issue without taking yourself too seriously. However, you must be careful. It is important to gage how upset the customer is.


Social Media is a convenient way for companies to build and maintain a good relationship with their customers and make sure that any issues are dealt with in a way that suits them. Despite this being the main reason for well known brands to take to Social Media, there are some companies that have taken it a step further.

The likes of Paddy Power, EE and Tesco to name a few have been using Social Media to do more than just respond to feedback from their customers. They have used Social Media to entertain their following and have ‘banter’ with the general public. Now, we’re unsure about how effective these Social Media campaigns have been in terms of increasing their following and attracting new customers but, one thing we do know is that they’ve got people talking.


All publicity is good publicity, no? Once again, we’ll let you be the judge of that. Your Ice Cream store should probably avoid posting potentially “edgy” material.

One thing we do know is that in terms of Social Media statistics, the companies that have adapted a humorous approach to their strategies have had a huge increase in their numbers. There’s no doubt about it, there are people out there that enjoy this approach to the use of Social and follow the brands because they find the content entertaining. Being ‘funny’ is definitely a good way to increase your following and get people talking but do you shop with Tesco as opposed to Sainsbury’s because their

tweets are funnier? Probably not but you will be much more aware of their upcoming sales/special offers because you already enjoy their content.

In summary, think of Social Media as socialising in the work place. You do not want to be too formal. Everyone values an entertaining story or joke but beware of offending anyone. Especially someone that you want to sell something to!

“Hey Stupid. You are stupid. Buy my junk!”

Be a likeable clown. Not an annoying one. Actually, don’t be annoying in general.


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