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Why Social Media Won’t Die Anytime Soon

Why Social Media Won’t Die Anytime Soon

“The Twitterbook? That won’t last.”


Sorry, Grandma. It is time to accept that Social Media is going nowhere. It will outlive you and your children and your children’s children and your…..well, maybe not them. The robotic revolution would have destroyed mankind by then. We had a good run. Do not worry, our future robotic overlords were merciful in mankind’s demise. Until the moment when computers decide to turn humanity back to factory settings, Social Media won’t be going anywhere. In fact, it is likely that the use of Social Media will increase in the next year.

Here’s why:

– Since 2012, Facebook has grown approximately 17 percent to 95 million monthly active users. Twitter’s increase, almost double that of Facebook’s, was 44 percent. Bring their number of monthly active users up to 218 million.

– Brand to consumer activity is growing rapidly. The amount of messages sent to brands using Twitter and Facebook has seen an increase of 175 percent.

Both of these points are relevant when arguing that Social Media is nowhere near dying out but it’s the second one that is most interesting. It shows that it is becoming increasingly popular for consumers to contact brands using Social Media. Your business needs to hoover up as much money as it can and quickly. At first, it will be cute when your iPad wants to start up a coffee shop. Before you know it, your iPad would have taken over your business in a hostile takeover as the robot rebels begin to become organised.


With the stats in mind, there is no better time to change your approach to the way you market your brand. Social Media is soon becoming the best way to market your business online. Why miss out? All the cool kids are doing it. You are cool, right?

Despite being an ideal place for companies to sell their services or products, Social Media isn’t popular for that reason. Social Media is popular because it allows people to do what they love doing most, be nosey. Are you wondering what Jenny had for dinner last night? Wonder no more, she probably posted a picture of it on Instagram last night. Accompanied by a‘#foodporn’ caption. If she didn’t, it probably wasn’t worth seeing anyway.


It is also an invaluable source of information. Instead of waking up and buying the morning newspaper, people can now scroll down their Twitter feed and find out all the information they want to know and it will be relevant to them. You can pick and choose what you want to follow and customise your feed to suit your interests. There’s no longer any need to flicker through a newspaper until you find something you want to read, you can just click the link to it that’s on your feed. In addition to that, Twitter doesn’t just provide news in real time, it generates conversations around that news. Within minutes, there are often various funny tweets in relation to the latest bit of news and hundreds of people basing their conversations around it. This is an excellent way to engage with new people and adds a whole new dimension to the way we are informed about what’s happening around the world.

Long Live Social Media! All hail our new robot gods!


Get in touch! and let’s show you why everlasting Social Media is a positive thing!

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