Torture Garden – Website



Torture Garden is the world’s leading creators of fetish events and BDSM. When they approached us, they had an outdated and ineffective website. They enlisted us to build them a site that would match the sophistication of their events and which would be mobile-friendly. The site also required a ticket booking engine.

To ensure they weren’t missing out on promotional opportunities and to keep an archive of press-quality images, Torture Garden also requested a means for photographers to upload photos which could then be curated by management before the site went live.


We created a comprehensive back-end system that made event booking very simple.

We developed a system where the TG team could create photographer profiles, allowing photographers to upload images from events. This gave TG a centralised online system that simplified the process of retaining press-quality images.

The simple, on-brand design allows the character of the events hold visitors’ focus.

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Torture Garden sold out of their first event within 24 hours after the site had been launched. The site received a good response from the community and the photographers in particular, were very happy about the improved uploading channel.


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Chester Barrie – Campaign Management



Chester Barrie is a made-to-measure men’s clothing brand and one of the leaders of Savile Row tailoring. They wanted help launching their new collection – London Collections Men – on social media.


We commenced a targeted and multi-platform social media campaign. We launched the official Chester Barrie instagram account, live tweeted from their fashion week events, engaged with key influencers in the fashion world and pushed awareness through advocates.



As a result of this campaign, Chester Barrie gained 1.2K followers on twitter in one week and 1.1K followers on instagram.

The campaign received a great response from fashion industry figures, including David Gandy, and contributed significantly to the successful launch of Chester Barrie’s new menswear line.



Finch & Partners – Website



Finch & Partners is a creative brand consultancy that bridges the gap between leading multinational brands and creative brands.

They had a very outdated website that did not represent their services and which had poor SEO. Finch & Partners wanted an easy-to-use, design-led, state-of-the-art website to quickly convey their multi-channel global service offerings.


We created a website that pushed the capabilities of online development to simply convey a complex service.

The website was responsive and optimised for SEO, but more importantly, it was a one-of-a-kind with innovative design that was tailored perfectly to the needs of the client.

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The company saw increased lead generation through the website and online applications.

The site won 8 awards, including the prestigious Awwwards which recognise the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world. As a result, our in-house creative was ranked 480th best cross-specialty designer in the world (A-Design Award).


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Timothy James Consulting – The Bespoke Website



Timothy James Consulting is a recruitment company specialising in energy, media, healthcare and finance.

They were struggling to post jobs online in a timely and efficient manner, as they were utilising multiple advertising platforms and, at the time they approached us, had to post jobs individually on each platform.

Our brief was to make a website that allowed applicants to search for jobs, create a candidate profile and upload a CV whilst improving the aesthetic, optimising SEO and ensuring responsiveness.


Working very closely with the Timothy James operations team, we devised a strategy in which the website could be a central hub, allowing the team to upload each advert to one place, subsequently utilising technology to distribute across the web.

We developed a content management solution (CMS) that allowed them to edit content very easily and included custom-made applications for CV catching and distributing.


The streamlined functionality of the design increased efficiency throughout the company which in turn increased applications through the website.

Additionally, our integrated customer-relationship management (CRM) solution allowed Timothy James to keep track of candidates in a centralised system.

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CHUCS – The Bespoke Website + Campaign Management



CHUCS is a luxury swimwear brand based in the heart of Mayfair.

Although in-store sales were strong, the company’s online presence struggled to perform in the same manner. At the time they approached us, their site had sold around £10k total in its two-year lifetime .

The site was extremely slow, non-responsive and was struggling with search engine results. Additionally, the user interface caused unnecessary hurdles that hindered sales. On a limited budget, they briefed us to take whatever action was necessary to boost online sales and enhance community growth and engagement within their 800 followers.


The redevelopment of the CHUCS website on a comprehensive and scalable platform (called Magento) and high standards of SEO were implemented.

Alongside this, the development was optimised for rapid page loading, reducing the average loading time from 10 seconds to just under one second per page. Analysis of the old site had demonstrated key hurdles for purchase; the redesign seamlessly removed any blocks to purchase while maintaining a high-end design aesthetic that suited the brand ethos.

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Throughout the rapid redevelopment, we launched a social media campaign to increase the reach to potential customers.

The drop off of user flow throughout the site was greatly improved by the refreshed design. The CHUCS community on twitter grew from 500 followers to 27,000 followers. As a result, the site had  transactions worth over £200K in 8 months.

Due to the success in this period, the brand was bought out by a venture capital group in a multi-pound deal and is currently undergoing a redesign of all clothing lines.

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The Lucky Onion – Website



The Lucky Onion is an award-winning group of restaurants and hotels located in the Cotswolds. When they approached us, they were looking to increase staff numbers between 20% and 30%; the estimated budget to do this through traditional recruitment would have been about £60k. To cut costs and capitalise on the opportunity to recruit more dynamically, The Lucky Onion decided they wanted to implement their own recruitment strategy.

Due to the increased levels of staffing, maintaining a key understanding of employees’ well-being and progress has become an increasingly complex challenge. As such we were requested to develop an online appraisal system that would allow the employees to report their progress and accomplishments in an eco-friendly and time efficient manner while providing management with a digital platform to set goals and nurture employees’ talent.


We produced an easy-to-use platform that visually represents The Lucky Onion brand and communicates their ethics.

The site is up to modern day standards, completely responsive and SEO friendly. It includes the functionality for job applicants to upload CVs and candidate data, which is stored in a database.  This gives The Lucky Onion HR team a pool of talent to choose from when a new position becomes available.

To bolster this solution and ensure a targeted reach for specific roles and locations, we simultaneously implemented a social media strategy. The main challenge was finding skilled candidates in a remote area of the UK. This was done by building a community of strategically defined followers that have been actively engaged in the recruitment process.

Finally, the appraisal system was built on a custom content management system (CMS) which allows management to create unique profiles for each employee. Employees can confidentially update their profile and management can also comment on employee development. The system also produces a PDF to give employees a visual representation of their development.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.23.04


To ensure ease of use, we built an outward-facing recruitment website using WordPress. The detailed design was influenced by consistent input from The Lucky Onion’s in-house design team. The data capture of applicant CVs has been so successful that in 87 days they gained over 100 candidates. This success was largely the result of the ongoing digital marketing campaign that to date has reached 1,800,000 people.

The digital appraisal system has made it easy to track employee development and monitor status of complete/incomplete appraisals. It has also reduced overall administration of the process, is quick and easy to use and eco friendly, as well as being cost saving.

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