Fairness Rocks – Website




Fairness Rocks is a legal campaign that aims to end the exploitation of creators and artists by the rights-owning corporations. The Fairness Rocks team came to us to create a website to tell the story of their current case, in the hope that it will be useful for other artists and creators.

This particular case was launched by Harry Shearer, one of the creators of the ‘This is Spinal Tap’ soundtrack released alongside the 1984 hit film ‘Spinal Tap.’ Shockingly, the creators of this soundtrack made only $98 for the music rights and $81 for merchandise (to be split between the creators).

The Fairness Rocks team wanted a website that could act as a platform for releasing information on the case, updated news content and a place where they could provide advice to other artists in similar situations. They needed full branding for the case, the site needed to hold multiple layers of information and it needed to be built in a short time period.


Under tight time constraints, we developed the branding and website under the radar of the media giant (and the defendant in this law suit), Vivendi.

The site was built to ensure that as you delve deeper in to the site, you gain a fuller understanding of the case and its history. We built the site on a WordPress backend to allow the team to continue to upload news content and case information as it became available. It is fully mobile optimised and search engine optimised to ensure that the interested parties can find and use the site easily.


The site supported a huge influx of visitors at the launch of the lawsuit. A great number of major news publications picked up on the story and utilised the information on the site to develop in-depth stories. The site received over 10,000 visitors in it’s first 3 months. It was fully responsive at launch, search engine optimised and included integrated social media streams and shareability.


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Christian Aid – Market Dominance SEO



Christian Aid is a UK charity that works globally to fight poverty.

They wanted to increase awareness of the concept of effective altruism. Given that so many people show generosity through charitable donations, their aim was to illustrate the real difference that money can make if spent on the right solutions.


Through an analysis of long tail search results, we found a gap in the market for Christian Aid to fit in nicely and where they could make a genuine impact on charitable giving. We determined that they could benefit from SEO optimisation in this area.

In order to place Christian Aid in to this gap, we created a piece of content utilising the key searches from our SEO research to push these searchers through to their site.


We created an interactive, animated and illustrated guide on maximising your charity. The guide takes the visitor on a journey through the pros and cons of giving in different ways and demonstrates how effective it can be to choose the right cause.

The content was developed to ensure maximum shareability. The more the page was shared across news sources, blogs, forums and social media platforms, the more powerful the search ranking results became.

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Loughton Contracts – Community Management




Loughton is one of the UK’s leading flooring contractors.

Their ambition was to increase their reputation online within the market and build stronger relationships with clients, contractors, suppliers & manufacturers.


15.5K growth in twitter followers in 10 months

Their content currently reaches over 4 million people per month

The total campaign reach was 40,561,626 people

Cannatella and Colletti – Community Management


Instagram – @cannatella_colletti

Twitter – @CannaColletti


Cannatella and Colletti produce carefully crafted sauces from traditional Italian recipes, conscientiously cultivated in the UK. Their authentic sauces are available on Ocado: bit.ly/CannatellaColletti

They came to us with the goal of expanding their online reputation among consumers.


Working within the budget that suited them, we started a twitter and instagram account for Cannatella & Colletti. We worked closely with them to understand their brand, their brand persona and brand message, and built a long term social media content plan to achieve their goals.


We manage the content and community growth of both accounts on a long term basis. Our results so far include:

Gained 2.4K followers on instagram in one month

Received 18,128 likes on instagram in three months

Reached 2.1 million people on twitter in three months

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 17.34.54

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 17.35.43

Consulting Market Traders – Community Management


Twitter – @infotradingreal


Consulting Market Traders provide real, hands-on learning for anyone in or out of the trading industry. They strive to break the mould of the trading world and turn it into an honest successful industry using the right tools, the right techniques and the right education. 

CMT came to use to help them grow their social media following to allow them spread their message more widely.


Gained 3.8K followers on twitter in one month

Gained 1.5K followers on instagram in one month

Reached 624,000 people and received 4.2K likes in a month

PMSL – Campaign Management


Twitter – @pmsldotcom
Instagram – @pmsldotcom


PMSL is a popular culture news channel. It’s key purpose is to attract young audiences by providing entertaining content. Their primary goal is to increase the visitor numbers to their website site in order to justify increasing the advertising revenue generated.


We suggested our Campaign Management service to assist with their goals. Working closely with the PMSL team, we put together a social media plan that would target  a large audience and produce shareable humorous content including gifs, videos and images. We managed the follower growth and content across twitter, instagram and facebook.


Traffic to the site increased from an average of 34 visitors per day to 604 visitors per day in just two months

Gained 5,025 followers on all channels in two months

Reached 194,870 people in one month

Twenty20 Capital – The Basic Website



Twenty20 Capital are a private equity company that specialise in investing in human capital businesses. They required a brand identity and website that would represent them as a credible investor, all within a three week timeframe.


We developed the brand and site layout simultaneously to cut down on the development timeframe. The Twenty20 Capital group wished to keep a large amount of the information protected and only visible to those who they gave access. We developed the site to include password protection to give them the security they desired.


The site launched on deadline, with all features and content completed. The site is fully responsive and search engine optimised. They have enjoyed a successful round of investment.



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Milton House – Website & Brochure



Milton House is a luxury property development based in Haywards Heath. Their goal was to appeal to couples in their mid 20s to late 30s who were looking to make their first home purchase. They wanted to create a community of like-minded homeowners to ensure that the building developed it’s own ‘neighbourhood’ feel. The Milton House project required branding and a website which they would be able to easily control.


We created a brand that targeted Milton House’s key demographic, appealing to those who enjoy a ‘Soho House’ lifestyle. We developed a bold brand, continuing the theme throughout the site. Using striking colours and a simple layout, we created a contemporary feel that matched the aesthetic of the development itself.

Alongside this, we developed a print brochure to be presented to potential home buyers.


Milton House was awarded a Horizon Interactive Media Award for design and development. The site is fully responsive, search engine optimised and was well received. The print brochure was beautifully finished with perfect binding and spot UV throughout.

Milton House was 100% sold out within 4 months.

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Epson – EcoTank Market Dominance SEO




Epson wished to promote their EcoTank printer. They had performed testing that revealed that this printer would print 6,500 colour sheets before needing to be refilled. They wanted to rank in a Google search for all surrounding topics.


We created a piece of interactive content which demonstrated what it would look like if you lined up all 6,500 sheets end to end.

Our goal was to capture a large amount of long tail search terms, while also creating a unique piece of shareable content. Rather than creating a simple blog that included the relevant search terms, we wanted this piece to also act as portal for interesting information presented in a visually appealing way. The more back links, social shares and interaction a page receives, the more powerful the search ranking result will become.


Ask steve




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Science in Sport – Market Dominance SEO




Science In Sport specialise in developing world class sport supplements. Their goal was to utilise search results to tap into a fitness audience that were looking to improve their performance and recovery. They had four key areas to promote – understanding carbohydrates, protein, hydration and nutrients.


We performed a long-tail search audit against SiS’s competitors and pin pointed the terms that were being used to search the key areas. Using these terms, we developed a narrative for each area which SiS wished to promote. These narratives were then turned into an interactive animated infographic, with the aim of leading the visitor through a ‘journey of discovery’ in an interesting but light hearted manner.


The result was a highly sharable piece of content that the fitness community shared across the Internet. The combination of link building, social sharing and interaction had a dramatic effect on search rankings. The client was so pleased with  success of the campaign, that they came back to us to create a ‘Tour De France special’ as a one-off campaign to capture cycling enthusiasts.

These campaigns generated an online readership of over 150,000 visitors, sending around 50,000 to revenue generating landing pages. These landing pages saw more than 9,000 conversions.

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Exodus – Market Dominance SEO

Australia Exodus Travel Logo


Exodus are experts in global travel experiences. They create travel packages so that anyone can enjoy them. The key aspiration of the Exodus team was to promote the ‘path’s less travelled’ breaks.


After a comprehensive audit against their competition online, we determined key narratives that would allow them to dominate long-tail search results. We developed three micro-sites which focussed on the long-tail narratives: the alternative bucket list, the cycling route finder and the trekking quiz. All were aimed at capturing a different target market.

Each site was built to be interactive, drawing in the audience and matching them to their perfect Exodus holiday (based on their personal taste) and then leading them to the booking page.


The result was interactive pages that matched visitors to their the dream travel experiences.

They were designed and developed to be easily shared by a targeted community that was prequalified by their own long tail search queries.

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Jurys Inn – Market Dominance SEO



Jurys Inn is one of the UK’s leading hotel groups. They wanted to increase their brand awareness through online search.

The key objective was to increase the number of locations they have across the UK and to strengthen their brand presence.


Using an in depth audit of Jurys Inn’s long-tail search position against their online competition, we were able to create key narratives in order to dominate the long-tail search results.

We based the concepts around celebrating regions throughout the year for their tourist appeal. We developed a series of interactive pieces of content around the following subjects:
– Route 57 (a driving tour of the UK)
– The Hunted Isles
– Sherwood Forrest (a historical map)


We produced a hand illustrated map of Sherwood Forrest, which won The Robin Hood Award and took the local press by a storm.

All of the pieces of content were developed to be highly shareable, whether on affiliate news sources, social streams or blogs and forums. Increased interaction, link sharing and link building had a significant impact search rankings.

These campaigns received 185 pieces of press coverage, they received 469,000 visits, 6,200 social shares and were covered on the radio to 78,000 listeners. The video content was also viewed 8,200 times.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.46.26
Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.45.57
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Total Jobs – Market Dominance SEO



Total Jobs is one of the UK’s foremost job boards. Their wish was to activate more routes to market by capitalising on long tail search queries.


We created a microsite to leverage the long tail search terms around the gender pay gap. Through an in depth audit of the position of Total Jobs against their competition, it became clear that this was a narrative that we could use to dominate the search results.


We delivered an interactive, animated and informative microsite that was highly sharable. The more it was talked about on blogs, forums, news sources and on social media, the more it dominated search results.

total_jobs1 totaljobs2
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The AA – Market Dominance SEO



The AA are a household name within the UK. Renowned for their driver support, they wanted to publicise other areas of their business including their boiler cover, European cover and remortgaging services.


Using the results from an in depth long tail search audit against the AA’s competition, we developed narratives that would capture market share from their competitors.

We created two eBooks: a boiler handbook and remortgaging handbook. We also created an interactive illustrated  guide to understanding how your boiler/heating works within your household and we created a fully responsive hand illustrated microsite, taking you on a journey throughout 15 European countries.


We created unique interactive and highly sharable content within each of the specific business areas that the AA wished to target. The content was developed to ensure that it was easily shared across news sources, blogs, forums and social streams, all of which have a profound effect on ranking of long tail search terms.


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Equifax – Market Dominance SEO



Equifax is one of the leaders of the credit score industry within the UK. They supply credit scores that can affect a person’s ability to secure finance.

Their goal was to promote their support service in improving, monitoring and securing a credit score. In addition they wished to gain market share against their competitors.


Auditing Equifax against their direct competitors online allowed us to determine key areas in long tail search terms that we could target to dominate the search results.


To increase awareness of their support products, we developed a quiz capturing search terms in the questions and answers. We also developed an online budget planner to encourage users’ day-to-day management of their personal finance.

In order to encourage online security, we developed a password generator that will create a highly secure password for your most sensitive accounts. In addition, we created a credit score ‘snakes & ladders’ (see below) in order to explain what elements affect your rating.

All of the content was produced to be highly sharable. It was shared on news sources, blogs, forums and social media allowing the content to dominate the long tail search terms.

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The Hotel Collection – Market Dominance SEO



The Hotel Collection is a UK based  hotel booking site. They specialise in unique hotels with spectacular grounds and a rich history. They wanted to promote the locations of their hotels and the advantages of choosing to stay in a boutique hotel over a mainstream hotel.


We created guides to make the most of The Hotel Collection’s unique offerings by auditing their position in long tail search results.

We examined what they had to offer, what people were searching for in their field and what their competition were not ranking for.

From these results, we developed two narratives that would ensure they would capture all of that traffic.


Using our key narratives and the results from our SEO audit, we created a UK ‘Staycation Guide’, an interactive online magazine that highlights dog friendly hotels across the UK. It includes the most prominent long tail search terms surrounding the topic of ‘UK holidays with your dog’ – from where to stay to what to do.

The second piece of content was an ebook. ‘The Little Book of Occasions’ is a guide to throwing a party (every kind you can possibly imagine).

Both pieces of content were developed to be highly shareable. The more the content was shared on news sources, blogs, forums and social networks, the better the content was ranked in search results.



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thc3  thc5

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