Slovakia: Detva to Rožňava

This route is one for the drivers with a long 122km road of many twists, turns, bends, and couple of hairpins through Slovakia's picturesque countryside and quaint towns.

The route starts off smooth & relaxing, lush rolling hillsides, traditional towns, soft curves in the road & surrounded by the natural greenery.

There is a little mountain-style driving towards beginning/middle part of the route, climbing through a series of bends, with the road's turns beginning to have more of a gradient.

The drive, especially to the middle/end section offers plenty of stretches of straight open road to enjoy, continuing to pass through little towns & offering panoramic views across the landscape.

Reaching Rožňava, you can explore the Národný park Slovenský Kras (National Park) to stretch you legs or the Hrad Krásna Hôrka (Castle) for a little of the country's history, heritage, and culture.