Switzerland: The Alps

The Alps are famous for many things- skiing, awe-inspiring mountain ranges, panoramic views, and incredible driving routes. Taking you through roughly 400km of mountain driving, our highlights for this destination are the roads rather than attractions along the way – but we have a few things to look out for too!

Starting out from Zurich, the drive quickly becomes picturesque surrounded by jutting mountains & passing the banks of the Lake Zugersee & unusually shaped Lucerne – stop at the alte Achsenstrasse observation deck to take in the incredible views.

You next drive through the Susten Pass, the curved smooth roads up the mountains offers a truly enjoyable (& a little adrenaline inducing) drive amongst unrivalled scenery.

The scenery doesn't falter coming to the Grimsel Pass, driving along the Räterichsbodensee Lake, Grimselee Lake, & Totensee Lake curving through the landscape (with bays), & ending in a series of hairpin style bends.

Quickly turning into the Furka Pass with two sections of tight bends around the mountains- perfect for those driving enthusiasts to really enjoy the ride.

Onwards onto the St. Gotthard Pass, the route drives via a series of pretty lakes & a long stretch of hairpin turns until reaching Airolo.

The remainder of the drive offers small bends & a smooth drive until you reach Lugano, the finish point of the route & home to the beautiful Lago di Lugano.